Guns of Boom: Top 10 Cheats You Need to Know

  1. Don’t Search for? Fire Button
  • There isn’t any “fire” button simply because you simply don’t require it in Guns of Boom. All guns shoot automatically so that all you need to do is defined your enemy within the crosshairs and also the gun will shoot by itself. However, if you wish to control everything yourself, you can allow the fire button within the settings.
  1. Aim at Your Enemies’ Heads
  • Headshot damage is significantly more than regular shots, especially on sniper rifles. Arranging that perfect shot might take time, but the damage is really deadly, and also you earn extra implies that. Even just a non-deadly headshot multiplies what exactly you obtain.
  1. Get Killstreaks
  • Teams compete against one another for points, and additional points are given in making a number of kills without dying. For a double kill, you will get 12 extra points, for dominating having a triple kill, you’ll get 25 points. So maintain your head low, attempt not to die, and acquire killstreaks to place your team within the lead.
  1. Use Grenades
  • Grenades might help in virtually any situation. Encounter the enemy face-to-face having a sniper rifle? Throw a grenade. Out of ammo? Throw a grenade. Two enemy snipers moved in the pillbox? Throw a grenade.
  1. Play for the Team
  • Play along with your teammates, attempt to be in groups, and work together. Attempt not to run alone, and stick near to your allies for cover. A good plan could be to possess two shotgunners run forward, a submachine gunner since the flanks, along with a sniper clearing enemies in the distance.
  1. Open Free Chests
  • Free chests respawn every 6 hours. They’re a guaranteed method to obtain grenades, gun bucks, and first-aid kits. Don’t miss them.
  1. Take the Best Position
  • Taking and holding a great position on the battlefield is the vital thing to victory. Even one player with hardly any HP and ordinary weapon can kill a whole enemy team if he sneaks up on them from behind or shoots them from the hard-to-reach place.
  1. Choose Your Own Gun
  • All guns have different magazine sizes, rates of fire, accuracy, base damage, and scope zooms. Every gun has its unique perks: some freeze enemies, others ignite the enemy, although some may even lifesteal. Browse the descriptions, grab new weapons on the battlefield, and find the weapon which is ideally suitable for your look of play.
  1. Play Co-op With Friends
  • Invite your mates to your mates so that you can play together. Victory depends upon each member of the team, as well as the results are sure to be considerably better whenever you play with the ones that you trust.
  1. Improve Your Personal Skill
  • No tips and hints can help in case you yourself don’t know the way to play shooters. Keep enhancing your skills, practising headshots, taking good positions, and perhaps you’ll make it into the semi-pro league.


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